frozenlemonsApart from being a tasty drink, lemon has got countless health benefits too. Lemon is considered to be a great liver detoxifier. It helps in cleaning bowels and has the capability of destroying intestinal worms too. However, compared to the lemon juice, frozen lemons are much more beneficial for your body!

1. Lemon peel has 10 times more vitamins than the juice: Normally, we extract juice from lemon and take it with water and honey or as lemon juice by putting salt, sugar and black pepper. But taking the whole lemon including the peel is much more beneficial as it has 10 times more vitamins than the juice. The only way to eat the peel of the lemon is to freeze it, grate it and then sprinkle it on things like ice-cream, noodles, salad or soup. The peel also helps in getting rid of toxins.

2. It helps in removing cysts and cancer cells: Intake of frozen lemon helps in removing cancer cells too. Lemon extract is considered to be 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapeutic drug which slows down the growth of cancer. Likewise, it is of great help in treating cysts and tumors. The effect of lemon extract is remarkable in its treatment.

3. No bad effect on healthy cells: Although, lemon extract removes cells that cause cancer but the good thing is that it doesn’t affect healthy cells in any way. It is beneficial in treatment of 12 types of cancer including breast, prostate, pancreas, lung etc.

4. Intake of frozen lemon is a health rejuvenator: Eating peel of lemon is a great health rejuvenator as it helps in eradicating toxic elements in the body.

5. Lemon extract fights microbial infections: Lemon peel has the capability of treating urinary tract infections along with providing great help in respiratory problems and fighting bacterial infections and fungi in the body.

NOTE: Snopes says: However,  the best that can be said at this point is that citrus fruits may potentially harbor anti-cancer properties that could help ward off cancer. No reputable scientific or medical studies have reported that lemons have definitively been found to be a “proven remedy against cancers of all types,” nor has any of the (conveniently unnamed) “world’s largest drug manufacturers” reported discovering that lemons are “10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy” and that their ingestion can “destroy malignant [cancer] cells.” All of those claims are hyperbole and exaggeration not supported by facts.