RANT: I’m with Beverly Eakman on Perception Management



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media lies

“…distorted information gets a free pass.”~ Beverly Eakman

by Beverly Eakman
November 8, 2013

Most readers know that public opinion is molded by the mainstream media, by schools, and by most TV news anchors. What most people don’t know is precisely how the deed is accomplished so systematically and pervasively.

The technique itself is called “perception management,” a topic on which I wrote last fall (“It’s About Perception Management, Stupid”). Just this past weekend, a breaking news it emprovided an opportunity to see the process at work up close, in the form of an arrest of one of conventional journalism’s favorite nemeses: Bernhard Goetz. For those still not quite clear as to the means whereby distorted information gets a free pass—so much so that no amount of evidence to the contrary, presented by credible experts after the fact, alters the originally planted misrepresentation—the following should serve as Exhibit One. Read the article at News With Views. http://www.newswithviews.com/Eakman/beverly164.htm


Beverly K. Eakman’s 8th book, PUSH BACK! How to Take a Stand Against Groupthink, Bullies, Agitators and Professional Manipulators (Skyhorse Publishing), has an expected release date of January 2014.Mrs. Eakman began her career as a teacher, left to become a scientific writer for a NASA contractor, and went on to serve as a speech writer for the head of the Voice of America and for the chairman(a former U.S. Supreme Court Justice) of the Commission on the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution. She was a writer for the U.S. Dept. of Justice before retiring from federal government. Her first book in 1991 blew the whistle on misrepresented standardized testing of schoolchildren. She specializes in covering education policy, mental-health fraud, data-trafficking, privacy and political agitation strategies.Her website is: beverlyeakman.com  E-MailBKEakman@gmail.com

Politics of Prosperity or Spite – the choice is yours



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I came across Orson Scott Card‘s article in Rhino Times today and found his missive about the current political scene right on point so I though I’d share it with you.

“I’m not a Republican, and there were lots of things in the Republican Convention that reminded me why I became a Democrat in 1976.

But in this year of continuing economic decline — a decline that at this point is almost entirely caused by government “remedies,” just like the Depression of the 1930s — the contrast between the candidates could not be more clear.

Romney and Ryan stand for making the tough, grown-up choices and fixing broken government programs, so that the safety net will actually be there when today’s young people need it — without taking it away from those now depending on it.

They stand for creating a climate in which people can — by their own choices and their own work — raise themselves and their families to ever-higher levels of achievement.

Obama stands for keeping certain groups in permanent victimhood, so they will always feel entitled to take what they “deserve” from others.

Here’s the choice: Let’s say you make ten thousand dollars a year less than your family really needs. Life is a constant scramble of trying to find extra work, of doing without things, shopping for bargains, borrowing and scrimping. You don’t know how you’ll be able to get your kids through high school, let alone get them into college.

Here come Romney and Ryan, and they promise that they’ll create an economic climate in which you have a decent chance to get a better job, or at least earn the extra money you need; you’ll get raises, and in three years you’ll have that additional ten thousand a year.

But other people will probably make fantastically more money than you. You’ll get enough, more than enough — but a few other people will get ridiculously rich.

Next, Obama and Biden show up and, from their track record, you know that in three more years, you’ll probably be making a little less than you are now — but at least you can chop those rich people down to size, so that nobody is making enough.

In fact, that’s why you can’t make more money — because the economy is shrinking as “excess” money is taken away from the “greedy” people whose “selfish” spending fuels the whole economic jalopy.

Your life will be even harder — but at least the rich won’t be so rich, either. (Unless they happen to be really good friends with Obama or his buddies, but the press won’t tell you about them.)

In other words, Romney and Ryan promise you the Politics of Prosperity — as long as you work hard to try to improve your own situation.

While Obama and Biden promise you the Politics of Spite — you won’t prosper, but at least the people who have more than you do will be cut down to size.

Which would you rather have in the Olympics of life? A decent chance to run your own race? Or the “satisfaction” of seeing the people who are ahead of you in the race get tripped up or shoved out of bounds?

Prosperity or Spite — that’s the choice this November.

Unfortunately, a Republican victory will bring a lot of other Republican nonsense into play as well. But we’ve had the Democratic nonsense for the past three-and-a-half years, and frankly, I’m not impressed.” ~ Orson Scott Card

Frankly, neither am I!

If you really want to know who’s doing what to whom (the whom being us), read Agenda Games by B. K. Eakman.

"Agenda Games Book Cover"

“Beverly Eakman has created a powerful and eye-opening primer on how politics really is played, and how it can play out. Her book focuses on nine major legislative arenas that critically impact our election process—and our way of life!” ~ Paul Driessen, author and columnist

Many Benefits of Frozen Lemons


frozenlemonsApart from being a tasty drink, lemon has got countless health benefits too. Lemon is considered to be a great liver detoxifier. It helps in cleaning bowels and has the capability of destroying intestinal worms too. However, compared to the lemon juice, frozen lemons are much more beneficial for your body!

1. Lemon peel has 10 times more vitamins than the juice: Normally, we extract juice from lemon and take it with water and honey or as lemon juice by putting salt, sugar and black pepper. But taking the whole lemon including the peel is much more beneficial as it has 10 times more vitamins than the juice. The only way to eat the peel of the lemon is to freeze it, grate it and then sprinkle it on things like ice-cream, noodles, salad or soup. The peel also helps in getting rid of toxins.

2. It helps in removing cysts and cancer cells: Intake of frozen lemon helps in removing cancer cells too. Lemon extract is considered to be 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapeutic drug which slows down the growth of cancer. Likewise, it is of great help in treating cysts and tumors. The effect of lemon extract is remarkable in its treatment.

3. No bad effect on healthy cells: Although, lemon extract removes cells that cause cancer but the good thing is that it doesn’t affect healthy cells in any way. It is beneficial in treatment of 12 types of cancer including breast, prostate, pancreas, lung etc.

4. Intake of frozen lemon is a health rejuvenator: Eating peel of lemon is a great health rejuvenator as it helps in eradicating toxic elements in the body.

5. Lemon extract fights microbial infections: Lemon peel has the capability of treating urinary tract infections along with providing great help in respiratory problems and fighting bacterial infections and fungi in the body.

NOTE: Snopes says: However,  the best that can be said at this point is that citrus fruits may potentially harbor anti-cancer properties that could help ward off cancer. No reputable scientific or medical studies have reported that lemons have definitively been found to be a “proven remedy against cancers of all types,” nor has any of the (conveniently unnamed) “world’s largest drug manufacturers” reported discovering that lemons are “10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy” and that their ingestion can “destroy malignant [cancer] cells.” All of those claims are hyperbole and exaggeration not supported by facts.